Our Journey

The “firsts” of life..

Throwback to our first camping trip together. Todd and I have been married for a long 1.5 years 😂😉😘 (together for 5 yrs) and the past two years we’ve had a lot of “firsts.” We traveled to all new places for the first time, we’ve started a business together for the first time, we travel the country and live in a 300 sq for RV for the first time, almost everyday we experience a “first” together because our road life is constantly moving and changing. It’s exhilarating and also challenging. This past year I’ve done a lot of soul searching and realized that what I dreamt of 3 years ago is no longer what I dream of now. What I pictured our road life to be when we hit the road 2 years ago, is no longer the same picture. We’ve sacrificed much to be here, I knew I had to be honest with Todd. So we sat down and spoke about where we are individually and together. Not location wise, but where our hearts and souls stood. I was worried, guys. For real. Because our lives have made a complete 180 and so has who I am as a person. So I hoped my husband could see and accept the changes I’ve made. After I told him everything (what I told him is a conversation for another day 😉), to my relief, he said, “that’s funny you say that bc I’ve felt the same way.” At the end of the conversation, we just looked at each other and said, “all I want is to travel the world with you by my side.” ❤️❤️ “Modern love and intimacy no longer means “two becoming one” — it means allowing yourself and your loved one the space to exist and grow individually so you can come together as a stronger unit.” – @shellyibach

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