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Women in the Sex Industry..

More often than not, women in the sex industry are judged as less than worthy of support. The reality is they are worthy and they are no different from you and I. They are mothers, daughters, and community members. They should not be judged based on the choices they’ve made. The hard reality is some are being sex trafficked and/or are still suffering from the effects of past sexual abuse. Hear what Jenny, the program director of the Cupcake Girls, had to say about her clients in the sex industry and the difficult journey they face.

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Felicia (NY, NY)

“My mom, who has unbelievable courage and power, constantly pushes me beyond mediocrity. She always asks, ‘If you don’t have an education, who will hire you?’ My mother has been a wonderful part of my life. Without her, I’d be broken.” – Felicia is a temporary resident at the New York Foundling Crisis Nursery. 

Each year, the New York Foundling serves over 27,000 children, youth and adults in need through efforts that strengthen families and communities and support each individual in reaching his or her potential. The organization’s Crisis Nursery, the only city-licensed emergency care facility of its kind, provides a safe and loving place for children to stay while parents respond to short-term crises that could otherwise turn into a disaster. Find how you can make a difference with the New York Foundling here.