Our Journey

2 yrs later and it’s a wonderful journey!

Hey Kind Humans! phewww it’s been two years on the road.  After 40+ states and many adventures (December 2017), travel has become our life!  We switched out our 150 sq ft travel trailer for a 350 sq ft mansion! We started a photography/video business because it’s our passion! LET’S DO THIS!  And Finding HumanKIND is now a nonprofit because its been on my vision board for 10 years!! I can’t explain the satisfaction of crossing out a 10 year old goal on your vision board! Ekk!

Fast forward to April 2019, two years of tiny living. Two years of growth, adventure, and constantly searching for purpose! From high school up until 2 years ago, I thought purpose and happiness were a destination. A permanent place to arrive at after a long journey of searching. After much self-reflection, mistakes, wins, arguments with my boo, coffee dates with my mentor, and so on and on.. I’ve realized the journey never ends.

See, purpose and happiness are not permanent states. Wholeness is. Don’t confuse the two. Whatever “wholeness” means to you is for you and only you to decide. Life is not a destination, but a journey of change, challenges, and growth. It can be frustrating. You will find yourself unhappy AND happy – life’s a roller coaster, strap in.  It will cause you to doubt who you were and what you thought you’ve become.. That’s okay! It can be exciting because anything is possible. Literally, the world is your oyster and you can do whatever your heart desires. It’s also scary, which means your brave self will grow. Because…  “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”  There is no destination here, only the journey to enjoy with those you love most. So grab life by the horns and make that leap of faith. Love you. Mean it.


Video Series

Women in the Sex Industry.. (Las Vegas, NV)

More often than not, women in the sex industry are judged as less than worthy of support. The reality is they are worthy and they are no different from you and I. They are mothers, daughters, and community members. They should not be judged based on the choices they’ve made. The hard reality is some are being sex trafficked and/or are still suffering from the effects of past sexual abuse. Hear what Jenny, the program director of the Cupcake Girls, had to say about her clients in the sex industry and the difficult journey they face.