Sallybrating with a Cause (And a Little Bit of Paws) – Florida

“My grandmother was the inspiration for my nonprofit, ‘Sallybrating With A Cause – And A Little Bit Of Paws.’ Since she passed from cancer, I’ve had a passion to help those struggling with the disease and inspire others to make a difference. Jaelen, Nick and I hold fundraising events every month and have raised 7,000 pairs of socks for patients and $15,000 to fund cancer research. Our work not only helps those diagnosed with cancer, but animals too, because we need animals just as much as they need us. We’re their voice because they can’t be heard. Through our efforts, we hope to inspire young people to realize they CAN do great things. It doesn’t take much to make a difference, you just need to get out there, be yourself and chase your dreams.”

How can you make a difference? Check out Sally and her amazing organization! Volunteer opportunities available at Sallybrating with a Cause (And a Little Bit of Paws).